Monday, June 2, 2008

Saying It Hot

I have spent the last fourteen hours trying to figure out how to set up this @#$*! blog, and I have my friend Marsha to thank for that. Her beautiful blog, Breathings of the Heart, has inspired me to shift some of my writing from the pages of my notebooks and journals to the posts of this blog. I say "some" because I believe there are certain words from the handwriting of one's heart that should still be held private and sacred, and those writings will remain mine and mine alone. However, as I am not one to defy change, I will triumphantly join the twenty-first century with the creation of this blog and write about topics I am passionate about...things that make me wonder...things that make me cry...things that make me laugh. I will, as D.H. Lawrence so eloquently suggests, be still when I have nothing to say, but say it hot when genuine passion moves me.
Writing is not easy...I tell my students that all the time. Writing it hot is even harder. Flames do not just automatically burn in my brain, travel down my arm, and explode out of my fingertips as I type. But when true passion for a subject ignites in my soul, I have to let it out...and I find writing the perfect avenue to accomplish this.
So, I will try to breathe the fire of passion from my soul into this say it write it hot. I hope those who read this blog will be enlightened or entertained or even enraged at times. I hope I ignite your passion to "say it hot" along with me.

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Marsha said...

Well it's about time--and as I knew it would be--perfectly expressed. Much of what I have learned about writing has come from you, so I am excited to see you publish. It will give you a WHOLE new insight into the writing struggles of your students as you try to write for an audience. You know me so well and may be surprised to know that blogging is about the only aspect of my life that is disciplined. I "open up a vein" every time I post. I write, rewrite, revise, edit at least 50 times (I know that is hard to believe). I am looking forward to the next post.